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From Hand Out 2 Hand Up will work with industry leaders to host and teach courses that the community desires. It shows true commitment when you create a curriculum that is focused on the community and written by the community. There are things that we know the standard education system provides, but what happens after graduation? There is still work to be done.

Through proper research and investigation, we will reach out to teachers and leaders to design programs that can be presented in a 2 hour time frame with the purpose of catering to the community. We understand that in many cases the types of classes that From Hand Out 2 Hand Up will be presenting, 2 hours may not be enough, but we want that to be driven by the community. If they desire more time, need to reach out, or need additional resources, From Hand Out 2 Hand Up will do its best in providing the assistance and attention they need.

The courses that will be offered can be classified as those that teach life, personal, and professional skills. We will have topics in place to support people in their current situation and provide them with the tools necessary to achieve their goals. No job? From Hand Out 2 Hand Up, Inc. will host a class on resume writing and job interview etiquette and skills. Don’t know the first step in buying a home? From Hand Out 2 Hand Up will host a class presented to you by an industry professional that will take you through the process and beyond. Your job offering you retirement benefits, but you have no clue where to start? From Hand Out 2 Hand Up will host a class that will provide understanding and guidance when it comes to your financial future when you retire.

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